Paper Bags

Our experienced and skilled staff listens carefully to your needs for quality paper packaging and replies with specialized suggestions for your own separate corporate or product paper bag.

Some of the technical features that make up a paper bag are:

  • Size - Dimension (Height, Width, Pitch Size)
  • Desirable number of pieces
  • Number of print colors
  • Print views (externally, internally)
  • Print coverage (total or partial coverage)
  • Paper type
  • Post-print processing (lamination, UV, embossing, etc.)
  • Type of handle (knitted string, twisted paper handle, ribbon, etc.)

From the engineering stage of creation, to the creation or adaptation of the maquette, to printing and construction, our experienced and skilled staff will help you create the paper bag that best fits not only your needs but also your corporate philosophy.

In addition, the manufacturing and production process, due to our FSC certification, can be done by following the rules set out by the Forest Stewardship Council, creating a packaging product that follows the rules of responsible forestry, thereby contributing even more to the protection of the environment for future generations.

Contact us for immediate and personalized service and save money and time for your printing needs.

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